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With Vanessa Petronelli

why you need to shed your identity to become the leader you’re meant to be

Vanessa Petronelli

Vanessa Petronelli is on a mission to teach people how to fully embrace their unique gifts and share their divine purpose with the world.

She is an advisor, coach and healer for established leaders & creatives who are ready to thrive and level up their life. Through her private mentoring programs, leadership retreats, keynote speaking, channeling events and online programs, Vanessa helps her clients achieve grounded, strategic results-based transformations, while expanding their consciousness.

Vanessa and her work have been featured on Good Morning America, KTLA, Collective Evolution, Authority Magazine, Parade Magazine, Glamour, People, Life & Style, LA Talk Radio, Your Morning Show Canada, Access Hollywood and more.

Formerly, Vanessa was a certified yoga instructor, member of the all-female pop group Savvy Cafe, a runway and print fashion model, actress and a classically trained pianist. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, Jeffrey Platts, their adorable rescue dogs, Leo & Chloe.



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