Then you’ll want to join us for the closing session of The Leading Edge – a Creative Vision Ritual and Masterclass called LEVERAGE.
Here your master coach and ritual guide Charlene will lead you to identify the highest leverage change(s) to implement, for the most significant positive impact in your life.

In the exclusive experience, you’ll take knowledge and inspiration from the show, and put it into action to elevate your life. 

Nothing changes unless you actually practice what’s shared on this show by some of the most brilliant leaders on the planet. 

Transformation doesn’t happen from knowledge, it happens by claiming what you want and creating the context for success in your life.

In the Masterclass You’ll…

◉ Craft your Northstar for the year with the 3 core goals that will make the biggest difference in your life

◉ Discover what it will take and who you need to be to fulfill on those goals

◉ Identify the support systems necessary to fulfill on your vision

◉ Get really honest with yourself about what’s not working and what you’ve been tolerating (and are no longer willing to participate in)

◉ Declare the commitments you’re ready to have in place to create a new reality, in which your needs are met and you stop tolerating what you don’t want

The LEVERAGE Creative Vision Ritual Experience (a 3 hour guided process that you can watch anytime), Lifetime Access to The Leading Edge Show Library and Your Ticket to the Live Show is a click away!

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