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With Melitsa Waage

Melitsa Waage

Melitsa Waage is a leading mindset mentor, transformational thought leader, fitness influencer, adventurer, thrill seeker, world traveler, national bestselling author, and motivational speaker. Throughout her extensive research and training in mindset shifts, she has developed exclusive platforms for individuals who desire to experience their lives and minds at peak performance.

Melitsa’s method of self-development caters to those who understand that fulfillment in life and mindset go hand-in-hand. The main theme behind all of her creations is that living an extraordinary life is a choice we each make ourselves.

Her obsession with helping others began when she was just a little girl: a child with a “dark” life and no real hopes of any successes in her future. Melitsa had heroin addict parents and was forced into the foster care system where she was mentally abused and constantly reminded that she was not good enough, and that she would never amount to anything in life.

Despite these adversities, she knew that she was destined for more. She knew she was created for greatness! She used her troubled past as a beacon of hope for sharing her story with the world – “Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you.”

Her message is clear: she wants you to know that no matter what has happened in your life, you can rise up, conquer your life, and create the life of your dreams.

Her dedication to helping others has led to multiple business endeavors, which are her ways of “paying it forward” to those in need and individuals who are looking to amplify their lives and create the life of their dreams.