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How to retire within the next 36 months

Jesse Elder

Jesse Elder is the coach who holds the FB Live video record for improv philosophy and storytelling while performing poetry and music for 24 hours straight (Dec 2019).

Jesse’s tools and growth concepts come from lessons learned in a past life as a fighter where he entered into a series of no-rules cage matches, before going on to run the most profitable martial arts schools in the world.

His methods have been used with wild success by free thinking, forward focused entrepreneurs around the world to simplify their lives and dramatically expand their business to lead lives of deep purpose and meaning every day.

His humor and warmth carry a message that will remind you of what you might have forgotten.

You are the creator of your life’s experiences, and no one outside of you can change that.

He is “internet famous” – with over 100M views – for his videos on TimePiercing, how to deal with haters, ethical cult building, and other interesting ideas his clients have found worth their time and energy.

Jesse was born in Austin Texas, has been to 51 countries, and returned to Austin where he currently lives as the philosopher in residence at the W Hotel, while his team is currently building a permaculture food forest and event sanctuary at a secret location outside town.

If zombies attack, you’ll want to know what he knows.

People are often shocked to find out that not only is Jesse able to combine entrepreneurial transformation with comedy, but that he is also surprisingly great dancer who once won a charity event for his lindy hop skills.

All in all, Jesse is a really great guy who sometimes writes about himself in the third person, something he enjoys more than he ought to.



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