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Design Your 2022- You Must be Dreaming

Beth Handel

Beth Handel is Co-Founder of Handel Group® (multi-million dollar executive life coaching company), and a seventeen plus year life coach (back when it was totally unheard of and not cool), who has taught thousands of clients to human better.

She is the one who (already great, top of the top) CEOs, venture capitalists, and gurus go to. From Live Nation to Gary Vaynerchuk to NFL players Justin Pugh and Nolan Carroll to singer Michelle Williams to name (drop) a few.

The Handel Method® is a unique, cutting edge, straightforward, brutally honest methodology that has been taught and developed at over 50 universities and institutes of learning worldwide, from MIT to Stanford University to Yale to Columbia to NYU and the New York Public School System.

She has worked with public and private companies delivering doubled and tripled sales, integrating previously “warring” divisions, and identifying obstacles to signing multi-million dollar contracts in short time frames. Beth’s ability to evolve corporate culture and bring about exponential financial growth has become her legacy.



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